Leadership Message

The Performance that delivers progress depends on each one of us committing to our values. Whether it’s our company wide commitments to safety and diversity or to the communities where we live and work, we must embrace the highest ethical standards as we pursue our business strategy and leverage the integrated business model to create value for our clients and employees.

Our Mission

SystemDomain’s mission is to be the leading diversified IT Professional Services company -by providing reliable, efficient and innovative IT solutions and services.

Our Vision

At SystemDomain, we believe reliable, efficient and innovative IT solutions and services are essential to a brighter, more sustainable future. That’s why we’re committed to providing innovation, best-in-class performance and thought leadership to help drive progress for our customers and communities.

The Values We Live by Every Day

We are dedicated to safety
We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety and reliability for our people, our customers and the communities in which we work. As a fundamental part of our culture and operations, every member of the SystemDomain team is dedicated to putting safety first.

We actively pursue excellence
We are driven to excel. Recognizing the value of constant improvement, we reach beyond compliance to advance our processes and develop more efficient and effective solutions and Services. In all we do, we passionately exceed the standards of our industry – and those we set for ourselves – creating value for our customers and communities.

We innovate to better serve our customers
We see challenge as an opportunity to exercise our ingenuity and our competitive spirit. We encourage curiosity and exploration to develop better ways of delivering the solutions and services. We innovate with focus and intent, creating the solutions that matter most for our customers.

We act with integrity and are accountable to our communities and the environment
We are committed to doing what’s right. A deep connection to the communities we serve compels us to take responsibility for our work, and we actively look for ways to engage and give back. We value the environment and work to reduce our impact with future generations in mind.

We succeed as an inclusive and diverse team
We foster an inclusive culture of trust, collaboration and performance. We welcome and respect people with different perspectives, backgrounds and traits because we know that diverse teams drive powerful outcomes.


Performance Excellence
Our commitment to excellence and to continuous improvement drives sustainable growth. From the safety, reliability and efficiency of our operations, to the innovative solutions we create for our customers, to the strength of our financials, we draw on our experience and expertise to be the best in everything we do.

A Balanced Perspective
Our presence at every stage of the energy business – from generation to power sales and retail marketing, transmission to delivery – gives us a unique insight into today’s energy challenges. Our progressive yet grounded approach allows us to seize opportunities that others might not see.

Effective Collaboration
We build strong working partnerships. We know that only through teamwork can we develop and deliver smarter, cleaner, more efficient energy solutions.

Driving Competition and Choice
We believe that competition drives choice, innovation and savings. We are committed to progress – connecting customers to skilled resources and actively leading the conversation to help shape the effective and efficient IT Solutions.

Our Responsibilities
We are all responsible for understanding and following the Code. Integrity and accountability require that we are honest and live our values every day and follow the law and SystemDomain policies when conducting company business.We treat everyone with respect and decency and use common sense and good judgment. We Promptly seek guidance when unsure about the right thing to do and speak up when we see a problem.

Competitive Advantage

Meeting or Exceeding our high standards of quality
Providing Excellent Service
Offering Competitive Pricing
Providing value-added products and services.
Meeting our insurance and indemnification requirements.
Providing on-time deliveries

Code of Business Conduct

Our Code is an active and vibrant part of our everyday business: how we act, how we make decisions, how we treat our partners and colleagues, how we relate to the communities where we each live and work. The Code is designed for use – to answer questions you may have about unclear situations, or simply to point you in the right direction. In short, our SystemDomain Code of Business Conduct outlines what is expected of all of us to meet our obligations and gives us resources to understand these requirements and live up to them. If you have any questions, contact the Ethics and Compliance Office at HR@systemdomaininc.com

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs accelerate global problem solving through our technology and expertise to positively impact people, society, and the planet.
We’ve shown how working with our technology partners can open the door to innovation and progress and help grow inclusive, prosperous economies.


Our commitment to People begins with ethical conduct and good governance, and we focus on enabling our employees and problem solvers around the world to make a meaningful difference in their communities.


We utilize our expertise, technology, and partnerships to scale social and economic impact around the world. Read about our human rights initiatives, supply chain efforts, and our work to benefit millions in underserved communities.


We advance environmentally sustainable growth in a connected world. SystemDomain endorses the recycling and electronics office.

We deliver services with a strong, consistent work ethic and integrity