Digital Innovation

Having the right digital strategy can make or break an organization.

The transformation to a digital business must start with a vision. However, this is not a digital vision, but a vision for the organization in the digital age. It is an important distinction. Our digital experts help companies across all industries, regions and growth stages to determine not what digital will do to them, but what they will do with digital.

SystemDomain’s Mobility Platform in partnership with Vendor provides an open and standards-based, integrated platform that supports the entire application software development lifecycle (SDLC) and empowers enterprises to quickly define, design, build, integrate, deploy, and manage multi-edge app experiences.

Data Innovation

Define, Design, Deliver

SystemDomain provides the Open and Standards-based Mobility Platform that supports the entire application software development lifecycle (SDLC) and empowers enterprises to quickly define, design, build, integrate, deploy, and manage multi-edge app experiences.
The most powerful suite for app design and development.
An integrated, intuitive design fabric for building fully native mobile and web applications.
Publish and share native prototypes and app designs with real-time app.
All in a unified, shared design environment.
Leverage all the capabilities of native design and prototyping, development, and deployment in a single tool.

App design tools

Create cross-platform, native experiences using familiar drawing tools and libraries
WYSIWYM (What you see is what you mobilize) application framework for iOS, Android, Windows, and mobile web across all      devices—including wearables
Provides a powerful abstraction layer for dynamic layouts across all devices
Export from design tools like Photoshop
Masters Multi-Channel Template Engine helps lower app development time with extensive, reusable templates and objects
Multi-channel widget library provides cross-platform, native, and web widgets for faster,production-grade app design and          development
Flex containers with simple, property-driven scrolling and paging capabilities
Powerful widgets like repeating data views—including Cover Flow and new video widgets

App design tools

App prototyping tools

Integrated, intuitive design canvas for building low-code, fully native        mobile and web applications across phones, tablets, wearables and        desktops
Access the native capabilities of every device and easily write cross-        platform code APIs
View live native prototypes on mobile devices using app preview (on        iTunes or Google Play)
Native platform capabilities are easily exposed for access to email,          SMS, camera, & more

Application build

Build native apps across devices, platforms, and channels with a               shared JavaScript code base
Design natively, deploy universally
Use an import wizard for iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows code
Incorporate device peripherals such as near field communications           (NFC), barcodes, signature capture, and Bluetooth
Leverage a single JavaScript cloud API to access custom code

Collaborate and iterate

Annotation tools to add notes to app design project
View and add notes right from the device with app preview
Notes synced with Visualizer through the cloud

Mobile Backend Service

The next generation mobile backend: Agile, Open & Secure SystemDomain offers the most comprehensive set of backend services MobileFabric is a set of standards-based, enterprise-grade mobile infrastructure services that gives you the freedom and flexibility to use the skills you have, with toolsets you choose, to create rich app experiences that dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of mobile, omni-channel, and Internet of Things (IoT) app development.

Product Features:

Agile: Modular, pre-built integration and services to speed development and increase flexibility. Free developers to focus on the client app instead of back-end complexity.
Open: Designed for use with any native, open source or our partner software front-end applications with any back-end application, service bus,or cloud service API.
Secure: Strong security and control built in with identity authentication and token management. This security combines with the ability to control and manage mobile            interactions with backend systems.

API Management

Create, publish, manage and monitor performance of application programming interfaces (API’s) in a secure and scalable environment.


Protect your enterprise data by using your existing identity infrastructure to authenticate and authorize app users. Integrate with Active Directory, Salesforce, SAP, Cloud User Repository or other standardized service providers.


Easily mobilize your data by integrating with enterprise systems, such as Salesforce and SAP using simple business adaptors, or any system that provides a REST, SOAP, XML or JSON service.

Service Orchestration

Optimize the user experience by creating workflows and composite services including custom logic and data processing on the server side to reduce the workload on the device.


Provide intelligent real-time engagement services by delivering targeted notifications and alerts based on user, content, and location, or campaigns to all device types.

Data Synchronization

Build offline apps that synchronize relational data between the device and your existing backend systems.
Configure server-side rules and policies to control data access, filtering and automatic conflict resolution.

Object Mapping

Automatically generate object services from backend data sources to reduce much of the work generating the application data model and mapping.

We deliver services with a strong, consistent work ethic and integrity